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The Stories Next which you can listen to with podcasts and read in this blog also continue on Patreon, where you can watch the photo shoots, the backstage and the videos I made. Get ready for hot and particularly spicy content ...

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Sophie | Stories Next Podcasts and erotic stories
Who I am?

My name is Sophie

I do the shooting, but I also love to write.
As you may have guessed, I do glamorous shooting, also of nudo.
But what you still may not know is that I have decided to tell erotic stories of female passions, drives, sex and love and I do it right in this blog. 
You can listen through podcasts and read my Next Stories in my blog freelyindeed, I'd really like you to come back to see me often.
If, on the other hand, you also want to open the door to the rooms where I work, where I do photo and video shoots, well ... I'm just asking you a small contribution... and I think once seen what is there to see, you will agree with me that there is.
I won't dwell on it, I hope you can find some time to read me and get to know me better.

Then? Let's get friend?
If you want you can start from the beginning, from the first story ...

Do you want to know when I publish my erotic stories?

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