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Marina the psychologist

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(I meet Marina the psychologist, indeed, I literally "discover" her ..)

The name Marina on the bell is preceded by "psychologist doctor". It is appropriate to say that I am sick, then.
Actually I don't feel sick at all, and I just didn't want to come to this studio.
But I let myself be convinced by a friend, with whom I confided. She also came to talk to the

Dr. Marina

and she enjoyed it, though certainly not for the same reason I'm here.

So here I am.
I ring the bell on the intercom and wait.
"Good morning, my name is Sophie, I have an appointment with Dr. Marina at 15 pm ..."
"Yes, go up, third floor, the second door"
The door is ajar, I open it and enter. A slightly dark corridor, at the end a bright room.
A voice: "Take a seat, come on, excuse me but I'll take advantage of it first for a ride to the bathroom ..."

I enter the room, a desk, two armchairs looking at each other, a plant near the window.
"Sit down, don't stand up for me" continues the voice from behind a ajar door that communicates with the bathroom.
Instead I remain standing, take two steps forward, look around and finally end up looking at the narrow crack in the door.
I see a female figure a few meters away. I confusedly see her unbuttoning her jeans, I see them drop to the ground, then

I see two hands lowering her panties and the figure sitting down, hands on her knees.

I take a step back, I don't want to be discovered in my reckless and inappropriate curiosity.
I sit silently and wait.
I hear the toilet flush, movements. Then the door opens and a woman appears, a blonde with her hair pulled back, in her forties, a welcoming smile. I get up.
"Hello, I'm sorry for the unprofessional welcome, but time is always running out and therefore, between one session and the next ... So you are Sophie .."
"Pleased to meet you, and you are Dr. Marina, correct?"
"Yes I am. We sit down?"
I look at her tight jeans that now wrap around her thighs, knee, calf. A little while ago they were on the ground, on thin ankles.
"So, are you still perplexed about the choice to come here to me?"
"As I told you, doctor ..."
"Call me Marina, and I'll call you Sophie, if you agree."
"Yes, of course, Marina. I said that basically I don't think I'm sick, it's just that ... "
“Who said she's sick? She came here to talk to me about her, let's say, tension ... correct? "
"Yes, exactly, even if I called it obsession, actually"
“We will understand better what it is. Tell me about it. "
"Where can I start? ..."
"From my bathroom, for example."
"Excuse me?"
"Yes, let's start with the necessity that drove her to look at me as I sat on the toilet in my bathroom."
“Oh man. Excuse me, I didn't mean ... It's just that ... yes, well ... Shit, what an embarrassment! "
“Don't worry, I'm not shooting her, it's just that I noticed her, and I wondered if the reason she stopped to look at me in an intimate moment had to do with why she called me.
Has it to do? "
"I think so"
"Well, then we can start from here"
"Here ... I'm attracted to women"
“Well, that's why I too, I find them interesting. Are you referring to this? "
"Not really"
"And what are you referring to instead?"
"I am referring to the fact that although I have never felt sexual attraction towards women, because I am heterosexual, I am sure, for some months now something has been happening to me that I cannot decipher"
"Did she fall in love, maybe?"
"No, absolutely ... this is exactly what puzzles me, I have no passion for a particular woman ... but I feel a morbid interest in the female body, I want it, I dream of it, I search the internet, I want to touch it, I don't know if I mean ... "
"And this thing upsets you?"

"But does it seem normal to you that I pee at her peeing in the bathroom before we even introduce ourselves?"

"Did you take pleasure in looking at me?"
"Now it's hard to say if I actually first ..."
"Did you feel pleasure?"
"Yup." I look down and stare at her bare ankles.
“What did you like? What did he see or the circumstance? "
"What do you mean?"
"Did you like seeing me without my underwear or the situation where she was allowed to violate the privacy of a stranger?"
"Can I think about it?"
"Sure, is it okay if we see you next Wednesday and so you answer my question?"

More or less it went like this.
In reality we also said other things, but the question stuck to me ... I have the homework to give you an answer.
Now I'm home, in bed. I'm finishing a book, but I'm distracted, I can't follow the plot, because I have
the image of a slit, and of a pair of panties on the other side that are lowered, and give a glimpse of an intimacy that I desire.
My hand lets go of the book, and slips under the sheets to seek another intimacy, already damp and waiting.

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