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Dangerous provocations

I thought it was over there.

I'm referring to to the guy in the bar yesterday, the one looking at my legs.
No, let's face it, I knew I had made it big by opening them as soon as he got up, depriving him of the view he so desired.
But go to think that we would have found ourselves in the bathroom of the bar.

I asked for services to fix the lipstick after the coffee.
"Behind that door, please." The waiter responded politely.
A small, narrow, but nice and tasteful dressing room. I mirror myself and take the lipstick.
I hear the door open behind me and he appears in the mirror. I escape the gaze and continue to pass the red on his lips.
"I have something left over." He tells me staring at me through the mirror.
"Excuse me?", I pretend.
“You know what I'm talking about. I have something left over. "
"I'm sorry, maybe he's getting confused," I keep pretending.
"You promised to see something of yours and I came to ask you if you still agree."
Still through the mirror I smiled, almost a relaunch of the challenge, or a surrender. Then I replied.
“You are a little bit right, but you are a little bit right. There was to see, yes, but I didn't promise you anything. Let's say you got up at the wrong time ”.
"Well, now I could be at the right time in the right place, what do you say?" - She answers.
I turn to him. The narrow space forces us to stand within a palm of the hand.
"Can you close the door?" I tell him starting to slowly raise the skirt on the hips.

Dangerous provocations.
When I finished the macchiatone I left the money on the table and left. And the guy left with his friend. But it would have been intriguing if she had gone this way, right?
Facebook friend who yesterday you wrote me "is that all?", Is it better today?

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