loose bra

Intriguing position # 2

At a certain point you take it off, and you are left without.
There is a mixture of a sense of liberation and sudden vulnerability, physical if you like, but also emotional.
We know the polarizing power that naked breasts have towards the eyes of others, certainly male eyes but also female ones, sometimes to judge and compare, other times of fine and hidden desire even on the part of those who like men.
But what drives me mad the most, I admit, is that moment before.
When the hands leave and, with an apparently unnatural gesture but finally their own, they go behind the back to look for a hook. The gaze is lost elsewhere, while the fingers first tighten that underwire and then free it.
And at that point ... at that point, in front, that strip of fabric that previously adhered tightly descends slightly, taking some distance, freeing up space and soft flesh.
If the hands don't come back soon, everything suddenly unfolds, and everything is admirable. And at that point everything becomes desirable, to the touch, to the taste.

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