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I really want her - part 2

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(It's good, or very bad. In any case, I really want her ...)

He always puts on ice, he tells me. It can always be useful ...
Without looking away from her, with the fingers of my left hand I pick up the ice cube from my glass, bring it to my lips and suck it lightly. Then I hand it to Baian, who does the same, from my hand.

At that point I slide it slowly, I pass from her lips to her chin, then to her neck, I reach her décolleté, I pause, I slide back and forth a few times, until I see the nipples appear under the light fabric that veils them . Excited by that provoked excitement, I approach her and with my hand I remove the dress from her breast, which appears and feels turgid under my fingers.
I can not handle it anymore.
I reach down with my face and take his nipple in my mouth, and start to suck it gently, turning my tongue around him. Baian arches his head back and groans slightly, but I hear it.

Now we are stretched out, me on her, our mouths joined in a kiss that never ends, our tongues intertwined, our hands everywhere.

Now, on the other hand, I am lying on the ground, and she with her mouth between my thighs. My hands to squeeze a strip of carpet to hold back, to push me forward, to unload the excitement that overwhelms me.

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