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Intriguing position # 1

I open a cycle of posts, if I can.
I called it "Intriguing Positions", and in these handkerchiefs of words I will deal with telling what those situations, images, positions are, according to my sensitivity, that I find particularly fascinating, exciting ... you understand.
I will open the cycle in a big way, so much so that I am worried about keeping up with the continuation. Here I am, now I write.

Bathroom cup.
Barefoot, panties dropped to the ankle.
Freedom, nudity, time available.
In this situation I looked down, and I believe there are two elements of extreme sensuality, I tell you with sincere conviction: bare feet that, as if they could demonstrate naivety, maliciously converge instead.
And the panties on the feet that hold the legs from a different situation, more open, so to speak, perhaps less elegant but very suggestive than the one that would open to view. No?

Now that's enough, please turn around and I'll get up and dry myself. Hey, turn around, I said ...

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