sensual art 04

In the mirror

Today, stop waiting for the green at the traffic lights.

I stopped looking at the messages on my cell phone for a moment and looked in front of me.
The car in front of me was white, and inside the cockpit a bent figure was fumbling with the door of the objects, which perhaps he could not open.
Suddenly perhaps this figure has succeeded.
He regained his position, put his hands on the wheel and looked straight ahead.
At that moment his rearview mirror allowed me to see his eyes, a stretch of his gaze. Then, as if my gaze had lingered too long and might have somehow warned her, the figure also looked in the mirror, and for a moment our eyes met. She was a woman.
The beauty of two glances that meet, even if only for a few seconds.
For a few moments I had the presumption of looking for something in his eyes, who knows what life, what concerns, what desires.
How much mutual intensity in a couple of seconds.
The eyes leave with an imperceptible nod, perhaps only imagined.

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