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My name is Sophie

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Who knows how you got there or got to me, which paths or which links you followed ...

I welcome you

and I'm glad you're listening to me on the podcast or reading me on the blog.
The voice is mine, it's me.
I would like to introduce myself, even if it will be easier to get to know me by following my stories, the ones “next door”, as the title says.
But I want to say two words.

If you don't feel like reading, you can always listen to my voice

There was a before and there is a now.

I was a photographer of those series, magazine covers, fashion shoots, interviews with show business people, photos for the columns of the heart ...
I'm not that anymore.

What happened has happened that I cannot explain to myself or even to Dr. Marina. She is my psychotherapist, I see her every Thursday. In reality I lie down on the bed and close my eyes, she is looking at me from the next chair, and listens to me, listens to me, listens to me ...
I go there to understand why I became so ... exhibitionist (in fact), obsessed (also), voracious (as well).
About what?
Well, you may have seen the covers above what they are about ...

My passion has become women, my biggest obsession their body, their sensuality. I meant sexuality, but it doesn't look good in this context, does it? but we'll get there, if you follow me in the stories ...

Blame the lockdown? Now it's all the fault of the lockdown.
I don't really believe it, and neither does Marina believe it. Oops, Dr. Marina.
But as an excuse there is, and so in that period something new in me took off and left on the ground much of what I was before.

I hear Marina's voice inside me asking: "Do you like what you have become?"
And also my answer "Yes, yes, yes and yes".
Then it is not quite like that.

Ah, let me introduce you too Selene, my personal coach of cybersex.
It is a voice synthesized by a computer that guides me to use the latest technological devilry in the sex toys field… it is a special program, still experimental, they told me, to which I joined with curiosity and, I don't deny it, particular excitement.
I often connect with Selene, and many times just after meeting Marina, oops, Dr. Marina. And goes to understand why.
Marina doesn't know about Selene.
Not even Selene actually knows about Marina, but she is a computer, even if she knew it ...

All right.
You must be wondering where I want to go.

I want to share my passion and obsession with you, because what good is it to keep the beauty I meet and photograph for yourself?
After all, my psychotherapist told me, "you have to keep a journal in which to write what you feel and want".
I found it, call it "blog".
So I thought of a new thing, a blog of stories and images, sounds and music.
I will tell stories, and in telling them I will caress your imagination with the words and with the photographs and videos that I know how to do.
I am interested in the most secret, unmentionable stories, to be told in a low, uncomfortable voice, to be closed in a drawer hoping that no one will find them, or that someone will discover them, and enjoy with him this exciting forbidden tale revealed.
They will be true stories, but also the fruit of my imagination or of who I will meet, because I want to find accomplices, not models.
They will be "stories next door".
Would you like to follow me?

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