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I wanted to give direction to the blog I want to write, and I needed an adjective to stick with it.
In the end I chose "mischievous" because I would like it to be a diary of what happens to me, of what I see, hear and live in everyday life, but I am interested in doing it with a specific intention, that of collecting and perceiving in everyday reality what it provokes me, makes me imagine, sometimes excites me.
Collect, collect, preserve and highlight what triggers my imagination, and above all make all this extremely malicious, misleading, provocative and transgressive and transgressed.
You will like it? I think so.
What images to use to strike my and your (mischievous) curiosity? The excitement comes in the most unexpected moments and places, we will have the opportunity to talk about it, and I often feel it by looking at paintings and drawings of a certain type. Like this one, for example, where art and expression accompany the sensuality of a gesture, like that of a woman who is fastening her bra. I think she is tying it up and not unfastening it because the bed is unmade next to it, and something gives the idea of ​​having already happened.
What do you say?

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