Is malice only in the eye of the reader?

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I wanted to give direction to the blog I want to write, and I needed an adjective to stick with it.
In the end I chose "mischievous" because I would like it to be a diary of what happens to me, of what I see, hear and live in everyday life, but I am interested in doing it with a specific intention, that of collecting and perceiving in everyday reality what it provokes me, makes me imagine, sometimes excites me.
Collect, collect, preserve and highlight what triggers my imagination, and above all make all this extremely malicious, misleading, provocative and transgressive and transgressed.
You will like it? I think so.
What images to use to strike my and your (mischievous) curiosity? The excitement comes in the most unexpected moments and places, we will have the opportunity to talk about it, and I often feel it by looking at paintings and drawings of a certain type. Like this one, for example, where art and expression accompany the sensuality of a gesture, like that of a woman who is fastening her bra. I think she is tying it up and not unfastening it because the bed is unmade next to it, and something gives the idea of ​​having already happened.
What do you say?

Start my mischievous blog.
Follow me if you feel like it.

sensual art 01

The space between the curves

I came across this design of curves today.

At first I was perplexed, then everything became very clear.
I stared at it in this new light, and it tickled my fancy.
I must say that what excites me most are not the lips, even if they are so hairless and barely compressed by the close thighs they have something very delicate, intimate, secret.
No, what excites me most is the space, the one between the lips and the thighs, that little space that gives hope, suggests that you can visit and occupy it. Stroking, lingering, opening.
Doesn't it have this effect on you?

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'La maison', working in a brothel to write a book

Already. I read that the writer Emma Becker really lived and worked for two years in a sex house in Berlin to be able to write a book about it, and tell about the experience, the friendships, the psychoses of the clients she was going to satisfy. In short, some very particular “Side Stories”.

And now the book becomes a film, 'La maison' in fact, directed by director Anissa Bonnefont and starring the young Ana Girardot.

What do you say, let's go and see it?

sensual art 04

In the mirror

Today, stop waiting for the green at the traffic lights.

I stopped looking at the messages on my cell phone for a moment and looked in front of me.
The car in front of me was white, and inside the cockpit a bent figure was fumbling with the door of the objects, which perhaps he could not open.
Suddenly perhaps this figure has succeeded.
He regained his position, put his hands on the wheel and looked straight ahead.
At that moment his rearview mirror allowed me to see his eyes, a stretch of his gaze. Then, as if my gaze had lingered too long and might have somehow warned her, the figure also looked in the mirror, and for a moment our eyes met. She was a woman.
The beauty of two glances that meet, even if only for a few seconds.
For a few moments I had the presumption of looking for something in his eyes, who knows what life, what concerns, what desires.
How much mutual intensity in a couple of seconds.
The eyes leave with an imperceptible nod, perhaps only imagined.

bare legs

The unbearable view of the legs under the table

At a coffee this morning, lightly dressed, bare legs.

I sat down at a small table, a little to one side.
I was waiting for my macchiatone reading the messages on my cell phone, when I see a few tables farther on two men seated, in their forties, conversing with each other, as only they can do.
A woman sitting alone does not go unnoticed, and in fact I perceive the gaze of the one in front, who lingers, then detaches, talks to the other, then returns to me as soon as possible. So they do.
I see his gaze flee quickly under my table several times, looking at my legs.
I am slightly annoyed, but then I think about it and tell myself that it is so, we might as well take advantage of it to play a bit.
I cross the left leg, shortly after the right, turning them slightly. All of a sudden I bend over and, without taking my eyes off the phone, I adjust the ankle strap with my hand. Her gaze is trapped.
He just waits for me to spread my legs for some absurd reason, he wants to see inside. I know and I let him wait. Minutes pass, my cup arrives. They get up and, just as they do it and only at that moment, when in half movement they can no longer go back and sit down, cross their legs again, very slowly, leaving for a couple of seconds a fantastic vision to those who have waited but who can no longer enjoy it now.
Now you can go peacefully to the office.
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lipstick lips trying dangerous

Dangerous provocations

I thought it was over there.

I'm referring to to the guy in the bar yesterday, the one looking at my legs.
No, let's face it, I knew I had made it big by opening them as soon as he got up, depriving him of the view he so desired.
But go to think that we would have found ourselves in the bathroom of the bar.

I asked for services to fix the lipstick after the coffee.
"Behind that door, please." The waiter responded politely.
A small, narrow, but nice and tasteful dressing room. I mirror myself and take the lipstick.
I hear the door open behind me and he appears in the mirror. I escape the gaze and continue to pass the red on his lips.
"I have something left over." He tells me staring at me through the mirror.
"Excuse me?", I pretend.
“You know what I'm talking about. I have something left over. "
"I'm sorry, maybe he's getting confused," I keep pretending.
"You promised to see something of yours and I came to ask you if you still agree."
Still through the mirror I smiled, almost a relaunch of the challenge, or a surrender. Then I replied.
“You are a little bit right, but you are a little bit right. There was to see, yes, but I didn't promise you anything. Let's say you got up at the wrong time ”.
"Well, now I could be at the right time in the right place, what do you say?" - She answers.
I turn to him. The narrow space forces us to stand within a palm of the hand.
"Can you close the door?" I tell him starting to slowly raise the skirt on the hips.

Dangerous provocations.
When I finished the macchiatone I left the money on the table and left. And the guy left with his friend. But it would have been intriguing if she had gone this way, right?
Facebook friend who yesterday you wrote me "is that all?", Is it better today?

woman toilet

Intriguing position # 1

I open a cycle of posts, if I can.
I called it "Intriguing Positions", and in these handkerchiefs of words I will deal with telling what those situations, images, positions are, according to my sensitivity, that I find particularly fascinating, exciting ... you understand.
I will open the cycle in a big way, so much so that I am worried about keeping up with the continuation. Here I am, now I write.

Bathroom cup.
Barefoot, panties dropped to the ankle.
Freedom, nudity, time available.
In this situation I looked down, and I believe there are two elements of extreme sensuality, I tell you with sincere conviction: bare feet that, as if they could demonstrate naivety, maliciously converge instead.
And the panties on the feet that hold the legs from a different situation, more open, so to speak, perhaps less elegant but very suggestive than the one that would open to view. No?

Now that's enough, please turn around and I'll get up and dry myself. Hey, turn around, I said ...


If you are looking for ideas on fingering ...

I was looking for some ideas to relax, so to speak, yes, in short, a fingering or "fingering" as it is now called by practically everyone ..
I found it in this blog that seems interesting to me, now it is among my favorites.
I suggest the technique 2, no indeed, the 4. The 9 is exceptional.
Not to mention the 10 that I'm trying with the left while with the right I write these words to the computer ... ah .. I have to leave you .. read it please!–come-farla-in-doccia–in-10-modi-.html

loose bra

Intriguing position # 2

At a certain point you take it off, and you are left without.
There is a mixture of a sense of liberation and sudden vulnerability, physical if you like, but also emotional.
We know the polarizing power that naked breasts have towards the eyes of others, certainly male eyes but also female ones, sometimes to judge and compare, other times of fine and hidden desire even on the part of those who like men.
But what drives me mad the most, I admit, is that moment before.
When the hands leave and, with an apparently unnatural gesture but finally their own, they go behind the back to look for a hook. The gaze is lost elsewhere, while the fingers first tighten that underwire and then free it.
And at that point ... at that point, in front, that strip of fabric that previously adhered tightly descends slightly, taking some distance, freeing up space and soft flesh.
If the hands don't come back soon, everything suddenly unfolds, and everything is admirable. And at that point everything becomes desirable, to the touch, to the taste.

masturbation min

I squirt, you squirt

Come on, don't deny it. It intrigues you ..

You would like to know if it's a trick from the fantastic world of porn or if it's true, and it happens. And to whom it happens.
Well, if you want to seriously step through the door of squirting and delve into it, then this article from is for you. And for me, of course.
And you? Were you left or puzzled? Don't you know what we're talking about? Come on, don't pretend. Click and read.
Spoiler: they tell us how to squirt, because we can all do it. Of course.
Go to the MySecretCase blog.

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Nina Love

I started writing a blog to help me overcome a delicate moment in my life and my sexuality ..

Then I got a taste for it. That's how I took photos, which is my job, and edited videos.

And finally produced a podcast, of which I am proud. An erotic podcast? I don't know whether to call it that. It seems that eroticism is the end, but for me it is a path.

So what am I doing? Writing? Photographing? Resuming? By registering? I think I feel emotions, and I am sharing them in as many forms as I can experience. This I am doing.

Every now and then I look around, to see if I'm not alone in this adventure. In Italy there is still little culture of "erotic" podcasts but there is something.

There is Nina Love, for instance. They are good, no doubt about it. But do you want to put the soul that I put into writing the Next Stories?

If you want to take a ridego ahead. But then come back here, I vibrate at the thought of your return… 💋

women watching porn

Women watching porn

Disgraceful, it was once said. Male things, she said too. Instead it seems that the trend is reversing, almost… and that is women watching porn!

Let's understand, I write, story and photographer of eroticism, porn is something else, right?

Pornography is writing, the reproduced image of porn, a word that has to do with prostitute. From the Greek, huh ..
So porn is a purely sexual / genital content and essentially aimed at the arousal of the users. Different speech for the "erotic genre", which unlike the pornographic one, although containing more or less explicit representations of sex, however, can be considered a real form of art. So they say and sorry if it is little ...

So far he explains it, but what's new?
It seems that male porn users are giving way to female users and, pay attention, especially to married ones!

A research says it (it always says an elusive research, have you observed?) And you can read the details here:

woman watching porn 2

Il 9% of the women surveyed said they had watched porn movies before marriage, while the 28% of women admitted to delighting in highly erotic videos once married.
The answers of the men are different. While before marriage 23% of the sample admitted to consuming pornography, after the wedding, only 14% continued to watch red light films.

I read surprisingly that women's imagination to some extent seems to surpass that of males:
I13% of men prefer classic vaginal penetration while this is preferred only by the 12% of the women interviewed.

Now I try too. Recommend me a site of the serious ones… 💋

Sophie | Stories Next Podcasts and erotic stories

The second season of Storie Accanto

If I were there close to you I would approach you, I would caress the back of your neck with the palm of my hand, I would place my lips on your ear and I would softly whisper that ... the second season of Stories Next has begun!
Sophie is back, prepare your senses .. a kiss!

Ah, for the occasion I thought of a little gift, especially for those who are happening for the first time in this blog / podcast: episode 6 of the first season is free, free, complete, like me, like Sophie ...

Screen 2022 08 03 19.06.06 to

I am naked - Je suis nue

I found this video on the net.
It is a short film by a French videomaker, Alexandra Mignien, and it intrigued me in the beginning for this naked woman that no one sees such.
Then for the finale, which has me a little off guard and made me think.
The network is also this, it is not just entertainment, it is not just fooling around.
E feeling naked is not just a matter of lack of clothes on, is a much more complex and delicate issue. Inside.
Enjoy it, watch it!

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Naked sensuality

I looked at this painting, by Aldo Balding, and thought about how little sensuality, which in my opinion abounds here, has to do with the nude. I could perhaps explain it to myself with the painter's skill in finding this position, this half profile. But perhaps it is also just that the nude, in itself, does not guarantee anything. Sensuality remains a mystery. How about?

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