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Nina Love

I started writing a blog to help me overcome a delicate moment in my life and my sexuality ..

Then I got a taste for it. That's how I took photos, which is my job, and edited videos.

And finally produced a podcast, of which I am proud. An erotic podcast? I don't know whether to call it that. It seems that eroticism is the end, but for me it is a path.

So what am I doing? Writing? Photographing? Resuming? By registering? I think I feel emotions, and I am sharing them in as many forms as I can experience. This I am doing.

Every now and then I look around, to see if I'm not alone in this adventure. In Italy there is still little culture of "erotic" podcasts but there is something.

There is Nina Love, for instance. They are good, no doubt about it. But do you want to put the soul that I put into writing the Next Stories?

If you want to take a ridego ahead. But then come back here, I vibrate at the thought of your return… 💋

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