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Sensual Taty - part 2

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(Taty, the sensual Taty, comes back to trouble me)

I'm waiting for a call from my newspaper for a report on the trendiest club in town. Usual stuff, glossy advertising.

The cell rings, but it is not the colleague.
It's Paolo again. We met fifteen days ago, for the shooting by the sea.

Hi Paolo, don't tell me that I have done badly to your work with Taty and that you don't want to see me around anymore… No? In reverse? In what sense?

Paolo tells me about Taty who posed for the first time in front of a woman, and says he found it stimulating. To such an extent that he asked me for a second date. who would have thought..

Paolo, I understand that you are sorry that in this moment I don't have much to do, but you don't have to worry .. ah, isn't it? Ok, I get it, I have no escape. When? Thursday. I'll be there, come and get me.

In the car, with Taty, kind appreciations, curious questions, smiles and complicit glances. Mah.

The location is close to the previous one, but this time I feel that something new will happen ...

I ask if I should keep the umbrella hood, like last time. It is Taty who answers, she says no.
I remain suspended on that answer. Paolo looks into the viewfinder of the camera.
Taty, in a gentle voice, asks me if I can sprinkle the oil on her body.

TatyBeach 0070

I look at her, I look at him. About her and I say, yes, of course. I swallow.
What's strange about helping another woman rub oil on her skin? Nothing. It is said.

Suddenly I hear a crowd around me staring at me, even if besides us there are only two seagulls and a distant dog. I anoint my hands with oil, stare at my intertwined fingers so as not to look at anything else, I feel the ointment that makes them slip between them and thoughts suddenly gather around a not too distant memory, which smells of darkness , wet, sweaty skin and rhythmic movements .. I suddenly return to myself, and to Taty who is waiting for my hands.

I start from the back, the shoulder blades, then go down to the waist, hips, buttocks, thighs and further down to the ankles. I go up in front, the belly, the shoulders, the arms. The best candy last. Her breasts, with care and delicacy.

Sophie, don't look her in the eye. Too late, I've already done it.

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