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Sensual Taty - part 1

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(or how I first met Taty, the sensual Taty)

I open the bathrobe and I look in the mirror.

The legs are long and tapered. Flat stomach.
I caress my breasts, then I follow the outline of the labia majora with my fingers, lingering in the upper part.
I look up in reflection and look at myself.

What are you doing Sophie?

I have the rapt expression, from the image of my body.
I desire myself, and I can't resist. I need to discuss this with my therapist.

The cell rings.
I cover myself up, and I don't know why considering that who will answer me will not be able to see me.
It will be a hassle. No, it's not at all, it's Paolo.
I like talking to him, we do the same job, we freeze images, but he photographs bodies, often naked, while I frame situations, sometimes the same bare. Perhaps we are happy to talk precisely because we like to undress what we see. What do you say, can there be an explanation?

You hope that the calls are not bothered and sometimes it happens, it's incredible.

Tuesday, by car to the sea. Pleased to meet you, I'm Sophie, I'm a photographer too like Paolo.

Cwhat's your name Ah, Taty, a stage name I bet! I met a Taty a few years ago, as beautiful as you. 

Sometimes you just don't know what to say to break the ice.

What do I photograph? Well, I work for newspapers, it depends. From what? From the article that the photos must accompany. Sometimes landscapes, sometimes people, sometimes objects. Yes, another type of photo, in fact. 

It doesn't look good. But we can do better.
We stop. I imagined the beach with deck chairs and umbrellas.
In front of me only sand dunes, trunks and branches carried by the tide, waves that come and go.
Nothing before and nothing after. I didn't know there was a place so far and so close.
She goes down, takes a stroll towards the beach, takes off her shirt, and nothing underneath.

I was telling you before about my body.

Paolo, what a pleasure, how are you? Oh really? Tuesday? A shooting by the sea? I understand but ... you know that glamor is not my strong point ... Well, if we put it on keeping you company, then it can be done. 
Then maybe if there is to keep the umbrella hood, you know that I know how to keep it like a god ..

Here is what is missing, I have it in front of me right now.
Il mood. that I was looking for, to stay, to be there, to occupy space, to move, to propose oneself.
Beauty in just a few steps, like this.

Paolo asks me if I am here or where I am.
Yes, sorry, I was fixated for a moment on a moment of great harmony and surprise.
The shooting starts with the typical liturgy, the right location, the right light, the right costume, the right objects next to it, the right photographic equipment.
Everything must be right. Except myself, which is not right in this context.

But maybe I understand why I'm there, you need to fill your eyes with beauty and that's enough.
Paolo suggests that Taty lean on sticks worn out by the saltiness.
The nakedness of her and the nakedness of the flayed wood. He is right, and how he is right.
Or is it the phallic call of the stick itself? Banal? I leave it up to you to decide.

I look at her breasts

and I think of mine in front of the mirror, with my bathrobe open.
I have an uncontrolled desire to stroke it. Sophie, stop it, you're working.
Yet I do not stop staring at her nipples peeking out between the folds of the white veil that envelops her at that moment.

Taty watches me as I change positions with the camera, she has understood something.
And I don't mind ...

Before leaving you to the second part of the story, I give you a backstage video of the sensual Taty ...

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